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Get new insights on your performance and skills to help you improve your riding. Push yourself to hit the leaderboard. All this and much more by using the newest sensor technology.

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Our best features

Our advanced sensor tracks every movement of your bike, allowing us to analyze your ride in full. All metrics are available in the TrailSense app for you to geek out on your highest airtime, cornering performance, the overall difficulty and much more. Become a better rider and see your progress!

Kickstarter video

Find below the demonstration video we have used for our Kickstarter campaign.

9 axis motion sensor with build in
barometer and speed sensor

Mount the TrailSense sensor on your bike to bring tracking of mountainbiking to the next level

9 axis tracking

9 axis sensor for tracking every movement up to 100 timer per second.

Built in barometer

Accurate tracking of elevation gain with built in barometer.

Speed measurement

Precise measure of speed using the build-in speed sensor and magnet on wheel.

Battery life

Battery life for tracking up to 20 hours of riding.


Rechargeable lithion battery – fast recharging.

Bluetooth Low Energy

Connects automaticly to app using low energy Bluetooth

Secure mount

Easy mounting on and release from the bike.

Water and shock resistant

Water resistant to deal with mud and rain. Shock resistant to deal with crashes.

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